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People with special health-care needs can register for help during storms, emergencies

The Valley Breeze - 12/28/2017

With winter weather here, the Rhode Island Department of Health is urging people with special health-care needs to enroll in the Rhode Island Special Needs Emergency Registry (RISNER).

In the event of a storm, the registry allows local and state emergency officials to better prepare for and respond to the needs of Rhode Islanders with disabilities, chronic conditions, and other special health-care needs during emergencies.

“Preparedness is one of the keys to remaining healthy and safe during an emergency or natural disaster,” said state Director of Health Nicole Alexander-Scott in a release. “For people with special health-care needs, enrolling in RISNER is a critical preparedness step that can help emergency responders get you the vital health services, care, and assistance you need, should a disaster strike.”

Among those eligible to enroll in RISNER include, but are not limited to, people with mobility issues who use a cane, wheelchair or walker; those who are visually impaired, blind, hard of hearing, or deaf; people on home oxygen or who use respirators, ventilators, dialysis, or pacemakers; and people who are insulin dependent.

To enroll, call 401-222-5960 or visit www.health.ri.gov/emregistry .


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