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LB 1004 - Sen. Kate Bolz (NON-NE)
Provide for aging and disability resource centers as prescribed and eliminate references to demonstration projects
01/30/2018 - Notice of hearing for February 07, 2018
LB 104 - Sen. Kate Bolz (NON-NE)
Adopt the Health Care Surrogacy Act
03/20/2018 - Placed on Final Reading
LB 137 - Sen. Brett Lindstrom (NON-NE)
Adopt the Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act
05/02/2017 - Approved by Governor on April 27, 2017
LB 160 - Sen. John McCollister (NON-NE)
Expand the definition of victim as relates to crime victims' rights
02/15/2018 - Approved by Governor on February 14, 2018
LB 169 - Sen. Justin Wayne (NON-NE)
Exempt social security benefits and retirement income from income taxation
01/03/2018 - Title printed. Carryover bill
LB 173 - Sen. Adam Morfeld (NON-NE)
Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity
01/03/2018 - Title printed. Carryover bill
LB 192 - Senator Pansing Brooks
Change and modernize provisions relating to the qualifying and summoning of jurors
01/03/2018 - Title printed. Carryover bill
LB 219 - The Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee
Change retirement system provisions relating to authorized benefit elections and actuarial assumptions
05/23/2017 - Provisions/portions of LB219 amended into LB415 by AM923
LB 22 - Speaker Scheer At the request of the Governor
Provide, change, and eliminate provisions relating to appropriations and reduce appropriations
02/15/2017 - Approved by Governor on February 15, 2017
LB 29 - Sen. Mark Kolterman (NON-NE)
Eliminate the Class V School Employees Retirement Cash Fund
03/29/2017 - Approved by Governor on March 29, 2017
LB 31 - Sen. Mark Kolterman (NON-NE)
Change school retirement plan provisions relating to service credits
05/23/2017 - Provisions/portions of LB31 amended into LB415 by AM923
LB 417 - Sen. Merv Riepe (NON-NE)
Change and eliminate provisions relating to public health and welfare
05/23/2017 - Provisions/portions of LB417 amended into LB333 by AM1022
LB 45 - Sen. Dan Watermeier (NON-NE)
Change provisions relating to Military Honor Plates
05/23/2017 - Provisions/portions of LB419 amended into LB45 by AM32
LB 903 - Sen. Lou Linehan (NON-NE)
Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Community Aging Services Act and the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Act
03/20/2018 - Enrollment and Review ER134 filed
LR 142 - Sen. Kate Bolz (NON-NE)
Interim study to review the progress of the aging and disability resource center projects and to consider the long-term role of the projects in Nebraska
05/15/2017 - Referred to Health and Human Services Committee
LR 252 - Sen. Kate Bolz (NON-NE)
Congratulate Mark Intermill on his retirement and recognize his years of service for aging Nebraskans
05/23/2017 - President/Speaker signed

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