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Adapted Recreation Scooter

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: Provide affordable adapted recreational equipment for children with disabilities. In this adaptation, wider footplate and wheels were added to make it more stable and safer for children who need the extra support to help them balance. Under the sides of the wider footplate, wheel components from a set of roller blades were added. The spacing and placement of the added foot plate to the original one must be correct so that all six wheels evenly distribute weight. An ad

Adapted Tricycle

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: Provide affordable adapted recreational equipment for children with disabilities. This adaptation starts with a heavy-duty trike. The main component is a child’s ride-along seat (usually installed on the rear of an adult’s bicycle) which serves as the seat. This type of seat can usually be picked up on the cheap at a garage sale or thrift store. The foot rest area is cut away from the seat to make the foot holders for the pedals. The foot holders are cut about an

Crocodile Rocker

The Crocodile Rocker is designed for children with balance disabilities and moving disabilities. It fits up to three children for a back and forward ride. It is intended to use to help children learn balance and play with others.

Little People Tot Rod

The Little People Tot Rod is a powered outdoor riding toy designed for use by children with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. Intended for children 12 to 36 months old, this toy offers two stages of use. In stage one, parents can use the included rear assist handle to control power and steering. In stage two, the child can operate the car independently with the assist handle removed. The power button is located in the steering wheel for ease of operation. Other features include an activi

Modifications To A Toy Pedal Tractor

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a child who has cerebral palsy to use a toy ride-on tractor. The child was able to pedal the tractor with guidance from a family member, but needed assistance with keeping his feet on the pedals and additional seated support. The existing seat on the tractor was replaced with a molded Sebel seat, raised from the seat platform to enable the child to comfortably reach the pedals. The seat was equipped with a pelvic seat belt with an easy-to-operate buckle. The

Modified Child‚ÄövÑv¥S Car

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation of a Wiggles Big Red Car for a child with cerebral palsy. The car’s existing seat was unsuitable for the child as he needed to be able to recline backwards. However, the child had an existing free-form seat which fitted snugly into the same space. This was used with cushions made by a volunteer. A wired hand-operated jellybean switch control was created to work with the existing electrical controls. This switch was mounted on the steerin

Soft Rock & Bounce Pony

The Soft Rock & Bounce Pony is a rocking horse designed for use by children with balance, neurological, or lower extremity disabilities. Designed for children nine months to three years of age, this rocking horse has a rubber bounce suspension, a removable and washable fabric body, and easy-grip handles. The horse's ears make a crinkle sound. This rocking horse is available with or without motion-activated songs and sound. DIMENSIONS: 27 x 20.125 x 22 inches. capacity: 42 POUNDS. WEIGHT: 9.6

Soft Saddle Scooter

The Soft Saddle Scooter is a ride-on exercise and mobility, therapeutic scooter. The seat of the Soft Saddle Scooter is closer to the ground and more supportive, enabling small children and those with gravitational insecurity to ride with confidence. The comfortable soft-cell foam construction encourages play and exercise for longer time spans, according to observations of parents and therapists.

Speedy Recovery Vehicle

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design and assemble a wheelchair that is fun and visually appealing to children with disabilities. The Speedy Recovery Vehicle combines the functionality of traditional wheelchairs with the visually appealing design of racing dune buggies. The vehicle includes a custom-welded frame, smooth rolling wheels, a reclining seat, footrests, armrests, safety belt, an IV pole, storage area for an oxygen tank, and a colorful interactive steering wheel. Its small size m

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