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Mouthstick Holder

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Mouthstick Holder

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with multiple sclerosis to have the mouth piece of the mouthstick near her mouth for ready access. The holder had to be adjustable, yet not impede access into or out of the user's wheelchair. A swivel joint from a "third hand" (two alligator clips and a magnifying lens mounted on a swivel base for use in soldering and the like) was welded to a thin-walled piece of pipe that matched the outside diameter of wheelchair rail. The thin-walled

Stick Holder

The Stick Holder is a mouth stick holder designed to keep a mouthstick in a convenient location on a wheelchair. The device consists of two small metal clamps attached to an adjustable plastic connector and an adjustable plastic base. The base is supported on a 9 mm diameter stainless steel rod. The device is fitted onto the armrest of a wheelchair. The clamp will fit a wide variety of mouthstick sizes and the whole device can be installed in seconds. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Fred O'Ke

Wide Mouth Docking Station (Model 5375)

The Wide Mouth Docking Station, model 5375, is a clear plastic cylinder that can hold 4 to 5 mouth sticks (not included). Designed for individuals with upper extremity disabilities, quadriplegia, or limited use of their hands, this device is intended to help train inexperienced or less accurate users of mouth sticks. The Wide Mouth Docking Station can be adjusted to different angles with a turn of the knob, allowing the user to see how the mouth stick is placed. The Wide Mouth Docking Station is

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