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Swimming Pool Stairs

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Aquatrek Ladder

The AquaTrek Ladder is a pool ladder designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. This portable and removeable ladder has stairway-style steps with siderails. It is available in four, five, or six tread (step) models, and can be custom built to fit the pool. Each tread comes with a nonslip safety surface. The ladder is constructed using a non-corrosive metal skeleton encased in a rigid PVC skin. The ladder is equipped with wheels for portability on deck. A heavy-duty ve

AquaTrek Pool Ramp

The AquaTrek Pool Ramp is a swimming pool ramp designed for use by individuals with arthritis or mobility disabilities. This ramp includes handrails, and is constructed with a stainless steel skeleton encased in a rigid PVC skin. The deck anchors are made of cast bronze. It can be left in ramp formation, configured into a step system (in appropriate pool depths), or used as underwater parallel bars. OPTIONS: Elevation kits for decreasing the slope of ramp. DIMENSIONS: Treads are 30 inches wide.

Aquatrek Step

The AquaTrek Step is a set of swimming pool stairs designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. This set of stairs allows users to enter and exit a pool walking forward. It is available in six-, seven-, or eight-tread (step) models, and is custom constructed for each facility's pool. The unit is lightweight and portable. Each tread has three non-slip safety strips in contrasting colors; yellow strips are placed on the front of each tread to help make the treads more vis

Bozeman Therapy Steps

The Bozeman Therapy Steps are swimming pool stairs designed for use by individuals with lower extremith or balance disabilities or arthritis. Custom designed for each pool, these fiberglass T-Bar steps are slip-resistant, UV stabilized, and have raised stainless steel and rails. Poly netting is provided under the stairs and sides to avoid risk of entrapment. The unit is equipped with four wheels for portability. The unit is available with 3, 4, 5, or 6 steps. DIMENSIONS: The steps are 31 inches

Modified Swimming Pool Ladder

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with rheumatoid arthritis to enter and exit an above-ground pool. The pool came with a four-step molded plastic ladder, which was only slightly angled into the pool. The user required a ladder with a greater angle and rungs spaced more closely together to minimize putting weight on the knees. A second identical ladder was combined with the first by cutting and removing sections through both sides of the ladder in between each rung. The rungs wer

Swimming Pool Stainless Steel Access Stairs

Portable stainless steel stairs with handrails attach to side of swimming pool. Nonslip treads. Stairs raise as AFW movable floor raises. Easily removable. Can be installed with or without movable floor.

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