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Thumb Switch

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Asl Egg Switch Finger Ring Mount (Model Asl300R)

The ASL Egg Switch Finger Ring Mount, model ASL300R, is switch mounting hardware designed for use by individuals with cerebral palsy or neurological or upper extremity disabilities. This mount for the ASL 300 Egg Switch (not included; see separate entry) holds the Egg Switch near the user's finger. Screws for the switch are included. OPTIONS: Egg switch (model ASL 300).

Thumb Switch (Model 802)

The Thumb Switch, model 802, is a designed to develop fine motor skills for individuals with physical or neurological disabilities. Mounted on a cylindrical base, the switch is activated by pressing a button similar to a doorbell. COLOR: The base is yellow and the button is red.

Thumb Switch (Model Cm-5)

Thumb Switch is a conical housing with a button switch located at one end. The switch is held in the palm of the hand, and the button is pressed with the thumb. The switch is styled as a traditional nursing call alarm switch. DIMENSIONS: 3.5 x 1.25 x 0.75 inches. WEIGHT: 1 ounce.

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