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Scooter Canopy

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To protect an individual who uses a scooter who is sun sensitive from sun exposure. This canopy is detachable and folds for transport and storage. The frame is made from steel and aluminum tubing and it is covered in sunbrella fabric (nylon or nylon/urethane material can also be used). Scaled drawings for the frame are available from the originator. OPTIONS: Plastic windows can be added for those seeking rain/snow protection rather than sun protection. TITLE: Th

Weatherbreaker, The

The WeatherBreaker is a canopy for scooters designed to protect individuals who use scooters from the weather. This canopy is available in standard, vented, and maximum protection styles. The standard model is made of solid fabric. The vented model has mesh material on the sides and back instead of solid fabric to provide more ventilation for heat protection while still sufficiently protecting from sunlight and rain. The maximum protection model is the same as the vented model with the addition

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