Control Switch Assessment Program

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Joystick (& Mouse) Trainer

The Joystick (& Mouse) Trainer is a wheelchair control switch assessment program designed to enable users to learn the skills necessary to operate a powered wheelchair without the risks associated with operating the chair itself. This program begins at a very early motor and cognitive level with simple exploratory activities for gross movement and cognitive awareness, moves through initial proportional path-oriented tasks, and graduates to maze games for fine control. As the user's skill le

Sspt (Single Switch Performance Test)

SSPT (Single Switch Performance Test) is a control switch assessment program designed with use by individuals who use a single switch control with an alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) device. This software facilitates measurement of the ability to activate a single switch, including the average time required to activate or release the switch (following visual and/or audio prompts) and the speed of repetitive activations. The switch under test is connected to the computer as a mous

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