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Ken's Power Caster

Ken's Power Caster is a fishing accessory device designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This fully-automated device enables users to independently cast out their line, hook, fight, retrieve and land fish. The universal mounting bracket can be secured to almost any accessible surface (i.e. a wheelchair, boat rail, dock rail, etc.) and allows the cater to turn and swivel for casting in any direction. The unit consistently casts a large wooden bobbe

Sasf Casting Rod

The SaSF Casting Rod is a fishing rod designed for use by individuals with disabilities. This medium-weight casting rod has a gimbal butt and is designed to be used with SaSF fishing seat or standup gimbal belt (sold separately). This rod can be used with a conventional or electric reel and line not to exceed a 20-pound IGFA grade line.

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