Pivoting Armrest

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Channel Armrest Fixture (Model 436F1)

The Channel Armrest Fixture, model 436F1, is a pivoting, elevating armrest designed to be attached to the arm of a wheelchair with a fitted clamp. The swivel configuration allows the armrest to turn on its horizontal and vertical axis for more comfortable positioning. It can also be used to mount and position hand control units for powered wheelchairs.

Orthocare Pivoting Horizontal Arm Positioner - Pronated

The Orthocare Pivoting/Horizontal Arm Positioner - Pronated is a wheelchair armrest pad that will adapts to all wheelchair arms. This device was designed to provide pronated hand positioning with natural palmar arch. The armrest is cut down at the proximal end to allow for better positioning of the arm, and is narrow at the wrist section to decrease arm roll. The arm and hand are secured in place with 2 Velcro straps. A reinforced pivot rivet pivots the arm in a horizontal plane. DIMENSIONS: 18-

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