Acceleration and Speed Limiter

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Curtis Pmc Speed Controller (Model 1203A)

The Curtis PMC Speed Controller, model 1203A, is an electronic acceleration and speed limiter designed for heavy duty permanent magnet motor applications for wheelchair users. It offers infinite y adjustable drive and brake control; automatic dual ramp reversing; adjustable reversing speeds; regenerative braking; a high frequency (silent) operation with low end torque, and thermal protection in case of overheating. This speed controller is compatible with most motor units, and the main power con

Intelligent Wheelchair

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: A prototype based on Toyota’s advance collision detection technology for cars has been developed by researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology for wheelchair users. The “Intelligent Wheelchair” has a set of cameras pointed in all directions mounted above the head of the rider to provide a complete 360-degree field of view. If the cameras detect potential hazards nearby, the wheelchair will slow down or come to a compl


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