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Alphabet & Number Puzzles (Models 626 & 640)

Alphabet and Number Puzzles are tactile numbers and letters designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision. These large letters and numbers combine visual and tactile senses to teach youngsters to recognize number and letter shapes by sight and touch. The number set (model 640) includes 0 through 9, each with the corresponding number of dots to encourage active learning of counting concepts. Numbers and Letters (model 626) are brailled. DIMENSIONS (HxW): 5 x 4 inches. COLOR: Yello

Be-B Braille Educaton Ball

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype educational game/toy to assist in sighted, visually-impaired, and blind individuals to learn Braille characters. The prototype, be-B: Braille Education Ball was created for and entered in Game Changers Competition for global game design held by DESIGN 21. The be-B: Braille Education Ball is a method for both blind and sighted users to learn the Braille system using a challenging and educational game. The be-B consists of a ball and 26 magne

Playskool Magnetic Capital Letters (Model 02056)

Playskool Magnetic Capital Letters, model 02056, are tactile letters and Braille alphabet magnets designed for use by children ages 3 and above who are blind or have low vision. This educational toy consists of 26 letters from A to Z. Each letter is engraved with it corresponding Braille letter. As they play with these letters sized for small fingers, children learn to identify letters and start putting together simple words and sentences.

Parent Category: Reading and Writing Skills

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