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Air Free Linville Wheelchair / Scooter Tire

The Air Free Linville Wheelchair and Scooter Tire is a polyurethane tire designed for use as a replacement tire for wheelchairs and electric scooters. This airless tire has a saw tooth tread pattern which is non-marking but can traverse severe terrain. The tire fits any manufacturer's model requiring a 410/350-4 type tire on a split rim hub. Its PSI equivalency rating is 50 pounds per square inch. DIMENSIONS: 10.5 inches in diameter x 3 inches wide. WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty against structural

Amerityre Low Speed Foam Tires

Amerityre Low Speed Foam Tires, also called Flatfree tires, are foam core tires designed for use on wheelchairs. These tires have a polyurethane foam core and can never go flat. Because the density of foam is maintained at a high level, these tires exhibit low rolling resistance which means less effort is required to make them roll. Materials are ultraviolet (UV) and ozone resistant. SIZES: More than 75 sizes are available. COLOR: Black, grey, green, blue, or yellow.

Micro Cellular Polyurethane Tires

Micro Cellular Polyurethane Tires are wheelchair tires fabricated with microscopic air cells trapped in a matrix of polyurethane rubber. These fully molded snap on tires are designed to provide a cushioned ride, and are lighter than standard hard rubber wheelchair tires. SIZES: Various models and sizes available.

Silva Wheelchair Tire, The

The Silva Wheelchair Tire is a replacement polyurethane tire designed for use by wheelchair users. This high-performance tire is made from high-quality urethane. DIMENSIONS: 25 x 1 inches.

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