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Arm Tray.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Provides support, elevation, or both for the forearm and hand of an individual setting in a wheelchair. Directions and materials given for 2 sizes of arm tray. diagram. similar to commercially available product. Attaches to wheelchair armrest. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking, plastics. AUTHOR: Fahland, B. TITLE: Wheelchair Selection: More Than Choosing a Chair With Wheels. REF:Book: Sister Kenny Institute, Minneapolis, MN; p 47- 48. 1976.

Channel Armrest Fixture (Model 436F1)

The Channel Armrest Fixture, model 436F1, is a pivoting, elevating armrest designed to be attached to the arm of a wheelchair with a fitted clamp. The swivel configuration allows the armrest to turn on its horizontal and vertical axis for more comfortable positioning. It can also be used to mount and position hand control units for powered wheelchairs.

Comfortarm Armrest

The ComfortArm Armrest is an arm trough designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, neurological disabilities, and other mobility disabilities and upper extremity disabilities. Appropriate for individuals with elbow contractures, this unit features a deep arm well, full articulation, and solid mounting. Available for the right or left arm in standard or elevating models, the standard unit allows the arm trough to be elevated and articulated with a quick release lever, while the swin

Elbow Support For Wheelchair

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted elbow support for a wheelchair user with hemiparesis following stroke. Following a stroke this individual experienced muscle weakness in her left arm which also affected her sitting balance. When sitting in her Sunrise Breezy wheelchair, her left arm would slip off the narrow armrest and she would fall sideways. Working with her occupational therapist, a commercial project was tried as a solution but proved to wide for th

Elevated-Arm Lateral Support (Models 706020 & 706021)

The Elevated-Arm Lateral Support is a combination lateral trunk support and elevating armrest designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or geri chairs. This support, which comes with a launderable synthetic sheepskin cover, helps reduce leaning to one side while permitting the arm to be elevated to control edema. Model 706020 is a right-handed model and model 706021 is a left-handed model. DIMENSIONS: Both models are 12.75 inches high at the lowest point.

Flip-Up Armrest

The Flip-Up Armrest is an elevating armrest designed to be attached to 7/8 inch tubing back uprights or to a back insert. The armrests have adjustability in height and angle and swing up for transfers. The armrests do not include pads.

Orthocare Economy Arm Positioner Elevator (Models 3032 & 3033)

The Orthocare Economy Arm Positioner Elevator (##3032 and ##3033) is an elevating armrest and positioner designed for elevation of the forearm. This wedge elevator is made of foam with a contoured recess to position the arm. This device can be used in bed or with the pivoting arm positioning tray for wheelchairs (see separate entry). Vinyl covers are available; call manufacturer for prices. SIZES: Small (##3032, $9.35) and Large (##3033, $14.75).

Orthocare Elevating Horizontal Arm Orthosis

The Orthocare Elevating/Horizontal Arm Orthosis - Supinated or Pronated is an elevating armrest and positioner for use with wheelchairs or other chairs. The armrest is available in two styles: Models ##3034 to ##3039 are anatomically designed for supinated, neutral positioning that inhibits spasticity; Model ##3040 has a universal design that allows for pronated positioning with natural palmar arch. The system consists of an aluminum U-channel that adapts to all wheelchair arms securely with sta

Orthocare Pivoting Arm Tray (Model 3012) & Dynafoam Elevated W.h.o. (Model 3013)

The Orthocare Pivoting Arm Tray and Dynafoam Elevated W.H.O. are two separate devices designed for use one with the other. PIVOTING ARM TRAY (##3012, $45.25): This mounting clamp for a wheelchair accessory is made of ABS plastic fastened to an extruded aluminum channel with limited pivot capability. The L-bars of the clamp channel adjust to adapt to all wheelchair arms. DYNAFOAM ELEVATED W.H.O. (##3013, 36.45): This wrist and hand orthosis fits into Pivoting Arm Tray to create an elevated arm po

Sammons Preston Wheelchair Elevating Arm Tray Kit (Model 6461)

The Sammons Preston Elevating Arm Tray Kit, model 6461, is an elevating armrest designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. Designed to fit most standard or desk armrests, this plastic tray fastens to the armrest of wheelchairs with a double D-ring Velcro Velstrap. The tray elevates to 25 degrees and can be mounted for either right or left side use. A heat gun can be used for customization. Bolts are included for elevation. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 22 x 4.5 inches. Double D-ring Velcro stra

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