Wheelchair Exercise Routine

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Armchair Fitness Aerobics

Armchair Fitness is an exercise videotape designed for use by seniors or individuals with mobility disabilities. The program includes three graduated 20-minute workouts of seated stretching and strengthening exercises set to music.

Fitness Is For Everyone.

Video exercise tapes for the physically impaired. Each 30 minute aerobic dance routine program includes a warmup period, activity period, and cool down period. Choose from sets or individual selections: Aerobics for paraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, amputees; Strength and flexibility exercises for all types of disabilities; Aerobics for paraplegia and quadriplegia; Aerobics for Cerebral Palsy and amputees; Aerobics for paraplegia; Aerobics for quadriplegia; Aerobics for amputees; or Aero

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