Water Dam for Shower

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Barrier Free Water Dam

The Barrier Free Water Dam is a water dam for showers designed to provide access to a roll-in shower by wheelchair and rolling shower chairs users while containing water. The soft vinyl dam is flexible for wheelchairs to roll over and then return to an upright position. It can be used in conjunction with a shower curtain to keep water in the shower area. The vinyl dam, made of poly-vinyl chloride, fits into an anodized and polished aluminum threshold. Installation requires a hack saw, measu

Collapsible Dam (Models Cwr-42, Cwr-54, Cwr-66 & Cwr-96)

The Collapsible Dam, models CWR-42, CWR-54, CWR-66 and CWR-96, is a water dam for a shower designed to control water spillage from all types of barrier-free, curbless showers. This device collapses easily by foot or wheelchair pressure and features a strong self-adhesive, water-resistant tape bottom. SIZES: 42 inches (for 36-inch opening); 54 inches (for 48-inch opening); 66 inches (for 60-inch opening); 96 inches (for 90-inch opening). OPTIONS: End caps for showers with radius end walls are ava

Staydry Collapsible Water Dam

The StayDry Collapsible Water Dam is a flexible water dam for shower stalls designed for use by individuals with mobility or walking disabilities. This dam enables a wheelchair or a walker to transfer in or out of a shower without encountering a barrier as it collapses when rolled or walked upon. The water dam controls both the shower water and the shower curtain. The dam is installed by cutting to size using a pair of sissors. Apply by removing the paper covering the two strips of double sided


The WaterStopper is a water dam for shower designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This dam prevents wet floors outside a roll in shower while allowing the user to enter the shower in a wheelchair. The T-shaped dam is self-adhesive and sticks to a clean shower floor without epoxy or rubber adhesive. The three-piece kit includes two molded rubber end caps that fit showers from Best Bath Systems but can be used universally to match an existing shower. The kit also includes alco

Wheelchair Accessible Shower Threshold (Model 8452A)

The Wheelchair Accessible Shower Threshold, model 8452A, is a shower threshold ramp designed for use in wheelchair-accessible showers. The solid neoprene gasket keeps water in while allowing wheels to pass over by compressing the neoprene. DIMENSIONS (HxW): 1.25 x 1.75 inches; height is reduced to 0.278 inches when compressed by wheels.

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