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ProtectaHip is a hip protector designed for wear by women at risk for hip fractures. These padded underpants have thigh-length legs and conform to the wearer's body. The interior padding adds only a fraction of an inch to the hip area. SIZES: Small, medium, large, and extra large. DIMENSIONS: The small pants fit waists from 24 to 28 inches and hips from 34 to 38 inches, the medium pants fit waists from 28 to 31 inches and hips from 38 to 41 inches, the large pants fit waists from 31 to 35 inches

ReliaMed Hip Assist Kit, Model 5913347

ReliaMed Hip Assist Kit is designed for use by patients recovering from hip or back surgery, that have limited range of motion during daily life tasks. Users can use the hip assist kit to assist with bathing, dressing and reaching for high items. There is also a carrying bag to store the kit.


SafeHips are women's underwear or men's undershorts with built-in hip protectors designed for wear by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. Available in styles for men and women, these thigh-length undergarments have built-in safety shields similar to football pads that protect the hips in the event of a fall by redistributing the impact. SIZES: Men's or women's small, medium, large, or extra large.

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