Below Knee Water Resistant Prosthesis

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Aqualine Waterproof Prosthetic System

The Aqualine Waterproof Prosthetic System is a water-resistant prosthesis for people with either transtibial or transfemoral (below-knee or above-knee) amputations. This modular system consists of specially adapted components that can help increase the user’s security, stability and functionality in the pool, in the shower, or at the beach. The Aqualine Waterproof Prosthetic System is comprised of two major parts: The 3WR95 Aqua Knee and the 1WR95 Aqua Foot. The lightweight 3WR95 Aqua Knee has a


The BiOM is a below knee robotic prosthesis that designed for use by individuals with lower extremity amputation. This prosthesis, which includes the foot, ankle, and lower calf, uses robotics to replicate the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. With each step, the BiOM provides a powered push-off which propels the wearer forward. Powered plantar flexion enables the prosthesis to normalize the gait and metabolic demands to those of non-amputees. With its bionic functionality, this prosthesis can r

Murr-Ma Amphibious Prosthesis

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a prosthesis for individuals with lower limb amputation for use at the beach and for swimming. Murr-ma is a specialized prosthesis that enables individuals with lower limb amputation to enjoy beach activities and swimming. Inspired by the dorsal fin of the sailfish, this prosthesis has fins attached to its carbon fiber center post to channel water flowing alongside the post and out at the sides, providing the wearer with the necessary th

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