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Dissolving Stent

Dissolving Stent is a bioabsorbable stent designed to treat obstructions in blood vessels of pediatric patients that provides the benefit of stenting and removes the risks associated with a permanent implant (i.e., the need to re-intervene and the long term clinical management of the patient). The development of a bioabsorbable stent system for the treatment of PAS represents a shift in modification of adult product for use in pediatrics to development of a novel system specifically designed for

E4 Wristband

E4 Wristband Sensors is designed for individuals for who need to monitor their heart rate and peripheral skin temperate as a result of heart disease and stress levels associated with asthma, obesity, deression, and gastrointestinal dieases. The E4 wristband stores data in its internal memory. The data are later downloaded via USB through the Empatica Manager for Windows and Mac. The E4 wristband connects to a mobile or desktop computer via Bluetooth for live streaming and viewing of data.


Smartband DIY is a wearable technology that can keep track of your physical activity, provide a vibration to alert you to a phone call or a text message.

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