Chin Operated Mouse

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Quadmouse Mouth, Chin Or Tongue Mouse Controller

The QuadMouse is a chin, lip, or tongue switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical or neurological disabilities, upper extremity amputation, or spinal cord injury. This switch allows access to a computer or other device with a 0.25-inch movement of chin, lips, or tongue. It connects to a device using a USB port. The QuadMouse allows the user to move the pointer and click, double click and right click using the built-in secondary joystick or the included ClickAssist software. It

Tetramouse Xs

The TetraMouse XS is a lip-, tongue-, chin- or mouth-operated mouse designed for individuals with spinal cord injury or upper extremity amputation or disability. It works with any computer or device (including AAC devices) that have a USB port and an operating system or internal firmware that can use a standard USB mouse as an input device. The TetraMouse XS features side-by-side joysticks that require little or no head movement using the lips, tongue or chin for smooth pointer movement. The joy

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