Accessible Bedroom Furniture

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Bedside Table

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide custom adaptation to bedside table for an individual with rheumatoid arthritis. A plywood box was constructed and screwed into an existing table top. The inside of the box forms a lower shelf, and the top forms the upper one. Inside the box, a shelf mounted on drawer runners was added. The shelf has a small hook-style handle in the center for easy, out of the way use. A small gap all the back of the box accommodates cords for various equipment. A larger hol

Dressing Table

DO IT YOURSELF -- PURPOSE: To make daily grooming tasks more accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs or who are unable to stand for long periods. This article, included in a chapter entitled "Bedroom & Getting Dressed," provides suggestion for creating an accessible vanity and personal grooming area. Suggestions include using a small, sturdy table with a comfortable seated height and sufficient knee clearance for a dressing table. If needed, select a chair that meets the user's specifi

Sturdy Heavy Load Bedside Table

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a sturdy, heavy load table accessible from an individual’s bedside for a person with quadriplegia. The table has a U-shaped base and post made from square steel, with 3-inch castors on the four points of the U. Attached to the top of the post is a rectangular square steel frame on which rests a wooden table top with a lip to stop items from falling off. The wooden top has two handles on one side so that an individual can move it easily. The table is useful

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