Balanced Forearm Orthosis Accessory

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Reclining Wheelchair Mount Bracket (Model 714101-04)

The Reclining Wheelchair Mount, models 714101 – 04, is a bracket for attaching balanced forearm orthosis to reclining wheelchairs for individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The unit allows up to 90-degree of recline and features a spring plunger that provides coarse reclining adjustments and screws that provide fine adjustments. Left or right models are available. DIMENSIONS: The unit accommodates tubular wheelchair backs posts that are 7/8 or 1 inch in diameter.

Riser (Model 7127)

The Riser, model 7127, is a forearm orthosis accessory designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This device raises arm trough one-inch for activities involving the neck and head level. It fits between pivot and distal arm.

Supinator (Model 713201 & 713202)

Supinator, models 71301 & 713202 if a balanced forearm orthosis accessory that replaces standard arm trough swivel. Provides the forearm 30 degrees of supination when elbow is flexed. Right or left models available.

Parent Category: Mechanical Arm Supports

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