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Accessible Chicken Coop

Accessible Chicken Coop enables workers with low vision or mobility challenges to gather eggs. In addition, it can be use by individuals with cancer, lower extremity impairments, mobility impairment, multiple sclerosis (MS), muscular dystrophy, replaced joints (arthroplasty), spinal cord injury, stroke, and degenerative joint disease. It is designed for the backyard poultry owner who may struggle with climbing in to a small poultry coop to retrieve eggs and feed birds. This coop houses up to 6 c

Circulation Pro

The Circulation Pro™ is a Calf Pump System and Electro foot plate Stimulator developed to help stimulate and boost the Blood Circulation in the Legs, Feet & Ankles. It’s an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) medical device that promotes the full walking motion; the most important movement is the heel rise motion that stimulates the Calf Muscle Pump (CMP) therefore helping to stimulate blood flow. This motion is vital for the optimization of the CMP’s function, the heel rise motion contracts

Heated Gilet

The Heated Gilet is a sleeveless jacket with heated areas in the chest and lower back.  It is designed for use by individuals who are sensitive to temperate changes in the weather or who have difficulty regulating their body temperature. The jacket has five heat settings for temperature control. It has a waterproof and windproof nylon outside, and a thermal inside. It also has a double zip, an adjustable waist, and an exterior top zip pocket

Sucup Care Feeding Aid

The Sucup Care Feeding Aid is a drinking aid designed for use by individuals who are experiencing difficulty in feeding by traditional methods as a result of stroke, cancer or surgery. Its purpose is to restore dignity by allowing the user, of any age or ability to consume food cleanly, easily, and independently. The user is able to consume the lightly blended food by sucking on the large diameter straw, by gentle pressure on the mouthpiece or a combination of both of these methods. Sucup is spi

Trulife Activeflow Symmetrical Triangle Swim Breast Form, Model-#630

Trulife Activeflow Symmetrical Triangle Swim Breast Form is designed for use for post-surgery, and for leisure and moderate activities such as yoga, gardening, exercise classes, swimming, and jogging. The combination of beads and molded fast-dry spacer fabric provide a flattering, natural profile, whether active or lying down. Water resistant satin drawstring bag can be used to carry a wet swimsuit or other damp items.

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