Extension Arm for Accessories

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3Rd Hand Small Electronics Mount

The 3rd Hand Small Electronics Mount is an extension arm for wheelchair accessories designed for use by individuals with mobility or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. The standard mount comes with a three-segment support arm, a ball base for attachment to the wheelchair or other surface, and a head plate surface for holding small electronics such as a cell phone, iPod, camera, PDA, miniPC, or adaptive switches. The head plate has an AMPS-NEC compatible head plate hole pattern. Ite

Binocular Clamp

The Binocular Clamp is an extension arm for accessories designed to enable a persons to use a pair of binoculars without having to support the weight of them. The device consists of a 360-degree swiveling clamp fixed to the end of a 13 mm diameter stainless steel rod. The rod mounts onto the fitting of a wheelchair. Binoculars are attached to the device with an off- the-shelf Kaiser binocular fitting. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Colin Knauf for a user with weak arms who can raise the bino

Magic Arm

The Magic Arm is a mounting attachment for wheelchairs for positioning cameras, joysticks, or other adaptive equipment. This flexible arm has three joints, a 90 degree pivoting end, a 360 degree rotating end, and a 360 degree rotating elbow. Both ends have studs that are tapped and fit any standard 5/8 inch socket. Includes a flash shoe and a camera mounting bracket. This device is designed for use with the Beneficial Designs Super Clamp (see separate entry). DIMENSIONS: Extended length is 19.7

Support Fixture For Powered Wheelchair

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a support fixture for a powered wheelchair for a woman with a progressive neurological disorder to travel independently away from the hospital with all her required medical pumps and support devices. This young woman is dependent on getting her food and medications through pumps attached to her powered wheelchair by a customized bracket. As her medical needs have increased she needed three additional pumps to meet her needs, but the bulk an

Universal Support Arm (Usa) (Model F70660)

The Universal Support Arm (USA), model F70660, is an extension arm for wheelchair accessories that clamps to the wheelchair's tubing. The basic arm is made of telescoping aluminum tubing that allows rotational and axial adjustment. Tube collars clamp by integral locking knobs. Angle adjustments are made at two U-clamp joints. Knobs are also used to lock the holder at any angle. The arm has a camera support with a 1/4-20 thread that fits standard 35mm camera thread wells. Included is a hardware p


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