Remote Control Holder

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Remote Holder

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with upper extremity disabilities to operate a Logitech Harmony Universal Remote for an entertainment system. This remote has a touch screen and many small buttons near its edges. The individual is unable to hold the controller, but he can push the buttons. The user needed a holder for the controller that he could operate by himself, placed where he could get to it in his wheelchair and where it would point to all the devices to be contro

Tv Controller 2

CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --- PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation of a TV remote for individuals with arthritis and/or fine motor disabilities. Lexan material was heated and shaped to fit various television remote controllers. Small tabs are bent at right angles over the buttons to be operated. In many settings, such as a hospital, volume can be preset so that only three tabs are required for off/on, channel up, and channel down. The unit can be placed on a non-slip rubber base or fastened to a


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