Umbrella for Wheelchair

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Umbrella, nylon taffeta. Waterproof. Sun reflective due to aluminum-based top-side coating. This automatic opening umbrella has a wooden shaft and handle with a double canopy and Velcro closure straps on both canopies. DIMENSIONS: 48 inch arc. WEIGHT: Less than 2 pounds.

Ucosy Weathershield

The uCosy Weathershield is an umbrella for wheelchairs and strollers designed to protect a caregiver up to 6 feet, 4 inches tall pushing the mobility aid. The uCosy comprises a collapsible canopy made from durable nylon connected to telescoping poles fitted with uClamps (see also separate entry) capable of 360-degree rotation. Twin rotating uClamps attach simultaneously to the canopy poles and the structure of the wheelchair or stroller with the rotation controlled by simple turn-wheels. These c

Wheelchair Umbrella

The Wheelchair Umbrella is an umbrella designed to provide rain and sun protection for wheelchair users. Designed to fit most wheelchairs, this umbrella has a fully adjustable stem that mounts onto the chair’s push handle. DIMENSIONS (LxD) 36 x 40 inches. COLOR: Blue and white.

Wheelchair Umbrella

The Wheelchair Umbrella is designed to provide shelter from the elements for wheelchair users. The umbrella is made of a vinyl tent mounted on a frame which folds down behind the chair. Clear plastic windows provide visibility when the tent is up. The unit mounts to the wheelchair frame in four locations. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Dave Doman for wheelchair users to allow them to quickly employ a cover in the event of rain without worrying about getting raingear caught in the wheels of


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