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Shoulder Rotator (Model Nk 693)

The Shoulder Rotator, model NK 693, is a wall mounted shoulder exercise device for increasing the range of motion and muscle strength in the upper extremity. A pivot arm rotates on roller bearings and resistance is applied by hand control knob. The Shoulder Rotator mounts on a vertical post that attaches to the wall, with the bottom bracket 34 inches from the floor. The unit has 30 inches of height adjustment for use in either sitting or standing position. The handle adjustment permits a 48 inch

Shoulder Wheel (Model 605)

The shoulder wheel features ball bearings and brake shoe linings making the resistance mechanism more sensitive to motion. All metal parts are chrome plated. The unit is mounted on a hardwood frame and is to be wall mounted. The height is adjustable. DIMENSIONS: Arc of range of motion from 10 to 39 inches, 37.5 inches in diameter, height adjusts to 26 inches.

Shoulder Wheel (Model 7213)

The Shoulder Wheel, model 7123, is a wall mountable shoulder wheel designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Intended to assist individuals in increasing muscle strength and range of motion in the upper extremities, this wheel has two chrome-plated, height-adjustable rails with an adjustable handle for increasing diameter range and two height-adjustable resistance knobs. DIMENSIONS (HxWxD):8 x 10-39 x 38 inches in diameter.

Wall Mounted Shoulder Wheel (Model Nk 690)

The Wall Mounted Shoulder Wheel, model NK 690, is a shoulder wheel designed to assist individuals in an exercise program to increase muscle strength and range in the upper extremities. The shoulder wheel has all chrome plated parts except for the painted wheel rim. A 42-inch diameter wheel rotates on a double ball bearing mounting and a brake lining type resistance device applies constant resistance to the wheel as needed. The hard plastic rotating handpiece is mounted on one crossbar and has 20

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