Van Modification

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Drive Master Drop Floor (Models V10Bf & V10B3)

Drop floor in van permanently lowers floor of van 4 to 6 inches for the width of the van and from the side or back door of van into driving and/ or passenger area. This provides proper visibility for wheelchair occupant whose head is more than 47 inches from floor when seated. This van modification requires structural modification to van; chassis of van is cut and reinforced. Not available for Dodge vans.

Drive Master Fill In Passenger Step Of Van (Model V10D)

Fill in of passenger step of van provides levels surface for movement of occupant in wheelchair. If step is not filled in and wheelchair moves over it, chair will tip over.

Drive Master V30 Custom Switch Location

Custom switch location according to needs of client. Toggle and some push/pull switches available. All switches necessary for driving can be custom positioned if needed.

Powered Door Locks (Models V22 & V22A)

Power door locks for front and rear door. One switch unlocks all three. Allows user to open door of vehicle at touch of switch control. User must have enough strength to push switch.

Smooth Floor Covering (Wood Wheelchair Flooring)

Smooth floor covering of Luan Mahogany plywood provides smooth surface over factory installed metal van floor for wheelchair access. Provides easier wheelchair movement inside van.

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