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---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of portable nebulizer designed for children with respiratory disabilities. Parents with children who have asthma have only two options for treatment, the nebulizer and the inhaler. While the inhaler is easily carried, it is less effective at the onset of an attack. Nebbie is a portable nebulizer that offers both the effectiveness of the mist nebulizer and the practicality and portability of the inhaler. When not in use, this nebulizer packs

Schuco Mist Nebulizer System (Model 5711-106) & Schuco Mist Nebulizer Iii (Model 711-103)

Portable nebulizer system. Inhalation therapy device to self administer aerosol medication. Features compressor, which delivers air at 15 pounds per square inch to nebulizer unit via tubing and nebulizer unit. Nebulizer unit has cup for medication and mouthpiece. Air in nebulizer breaks liquid medication into suspension of 96 percent of all particles 0.5 to 4.0 microns. 1/10 horse power motor. 115 volts. 60 cycles. Mist III has compartment for optional nebulizer accessory kit; also has separate

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