Long Opponens Orthosis

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Engen Plastic Hand Orthosis (Epho), Reciprocal Wrist Extension, Opponens Orthosis With Forearm Support, & Opponens Orthosis

These four modular systems for upper extremity orthotics are designed for a variety of positioning and functional applications. The Engen Plastic Hand Orthosis (EPHO) provides metacarpal arch support and stabilizes the thumb in a position of prehension while allowing passive finger motion. The unit may be heat reshaped for individual modifications. Non-reinforced modules are available for supportive applications, as are radially reinforced modules for adaptations requiring stable mechanical join

Long Opponens Orthosis Kit

The Long Opponens Orthosis Kit is designed to oppose and abduct the thumb, give support to the wrist, and serve as a foundation for accessories. The brace is aluminum with beveled edges, felt or plastazote padding, and two leather straps with buckles. The orthosis extends approximately 6 inches beyond the wrist. OPTIONS: Finger and MP joint accessories available. SIZES: Based on measurement taken from the widest part of the MP joints. Small (up to 2.75 inches), Medium (2.75 to 3.25 inches), and

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