Kneeling Frame

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Adaptive Kneeler For Handicapped Children.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Box-like frame intended to hold a child in a two point kneeling position. Instructions for building a plywood rectangular box with L-shaped sides to be as high in front as the child's armpits but lower in back to allow visual inspection. The frame is built so that a slat can be slipped behind the child to maintain hip extension. The child kneels on a thick piece of foam which extends only to the ankle to encourage ankle dorsiflexion. The frame is appro

Special Kreations Kneestander (Models K1, K2, & K3)

Support frame to assist kneestanding. Knee, abdominal, chest and arm pads. Adjustable angle for leaning. Adjustable angle tray, fabricated of birch plywood and hard maple, 20 by 26 inches. Includes two body support straps and leg abductor. Stain and mildew resistant pads with vinyl covers in blue or brown. Pads snap off for easy cleaning. Sizes determined by length from knee to axilla. K1 Toddlers, 12.5 to 20 inches; K2 Children, 17 to 24 inches; K3 for adults, 24 to 33 inches. Warranty availabl

Parent Category: Crawling

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