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Easi-Grip Grater

The Easi-Grip Grater is a grater designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities and arthritis, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome or other conditions which weakens the hand and wrist. Designed to keep the hand and wrist in a neutral stress-free position, this device features an angled built-up plastic handle with a stainless steel grater that is set at 90 degrees from the handle. The positioned handle allows the user a firm grip using either hand. The grater is dishwash

Grater Holder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Attachment for an adapted cutting board to stabilize a flat grater for one-handed use. Board 5 by 4 by 3/4 inches with a strip of wood attached about an inch from the top on which a flat grater can be rested at an angle to the cutting board. The board has two holes on the bottom which fit over two nails on the cutting board. Includes photographs and diagrams. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Strebel, M B; comp TITLE: Adaptions and Techniques for t

Grater With Suction Feet (Model 3294)

The Grater with Suction Feet, model 3294, is designed for use by individuals with use of only one hand or other upper extremity disabilities. This grater features suction feet to secure the device to the counter and a built-in bin to catch the grated food. The front plate reverses for a choice of fine or coarse grating.

Homemade Vegetable Grater Holder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: One handed use of vegetable grater. Suction cups on base of formica covered plywood stand holds commercially available grater stationary. Graphics included. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Hamilton, L. TITLE: Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me About These Things? REF:Book: Author, 217 North Jeffreys St, Pleasant Hills, MO 64080; p 123. 1984.

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