Breathing Mask

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Allied Adult Mask with Nebulizer and 7 Feet Tubing, Model-64085

Allied Adult Mask with Nebulizer and 7 Feet Tubing is designed for people with respiratory disabilities. It delivers 70 percent of aerosol particles within the one to four micron range. The spill-proof designed lid features a sure seal cap. It also features aide entry tubing design and user-friendly large threaded lid.

Respirators/ventilators: Go Positive With Face Mask And Mouthpiece.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Airtight nose and mouth mask to use with a small positive pressure ventilator for sleeping. Discusses development of a prototype face mask and extended mouthpiece which make a seal against the skin to prevent air from leaking out, and keeps the cheeks from being blown up. The device needs a dental piece made with hard dental acrylic: provides instruction for making the extended mouthpiece. The mask is made of plastic, foam rubber padding and soft chamo


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