Gravity Traction System

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BodyBridge is a gravity traction system designed to help the user loosen tight joints, expand range of motion, correct distortions, and relieve stiffness and tension in the spine and pelvis. This relaxation and therapy device is used by lying in an arched position on the stomach or back. The system consists of a foam-cushioned arched back platform with a 180 degree, semi-circular shaped tubular steel frame. Other features include support handles at the crest of the arch, a foot rest, and a face

Inversion Stretch Station (Model 30107)

The Inversion Stretch Station, model 30107, is a gravity traction system designed for use by individuals with back pain. The user steps onto the steel framed, nylon backed stretcher in an upright position. While secured at the ankles by foam padded ankle collars, the user grips the support handlebars and rotates the stretcher to an inverted, downward position in line with the force of gravity. In this position, the user's spine is elongated helping to increase space between the vertebrae and rel

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