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6610 Chest Support

The 6610 Chest Support is a torso support and harness restraint designed for firm trunk support. The support is made of foam with an inner moldable core that can be formed to follow body contours. The yokes have straps for attachment to high back standard wheelchairs, travel chairs, and strollers. Placement holes are pre-cut in yokes for adjustments in size. The support has quick release buckles, a lap belt with pivotal mounts, and a polypropylene strap with nylon quick release buckle that goes

6800 Seating Accessory System

The 6800 Seating Accessory System is designed to provide head and trunk support to feeder seats. A pre-formed aluminum bar incorporates an attached head positioner with the Danmar chest support. The chest support's lap belt goes through existing strap holes and the bar fits around the seat and is secured with channel brackets (included). SIZES: Small, with lateral head support provided by foam pads, wedged and formed, to cradle the head; Medium and Large, both with full C Collar for side suppor

Butterfly Strap (Models Bb01, Bb02, Bb03, Bb11, Bb12, Bb13, Bh01, Bh02, Bh03, Bh11, Bh12, Bh13)

The Butterfly Strap is a padded chest panel with vinyl upholstery designed for providing trunk support for seated individuals. It is available in buckle (BB-) and velcro (BH-) styles in sizes small, medium and large. The strap is available in black and gray.

Non Adjustable Protractors, Adjustable Protractors

One pair of custom size pads and one pair of custom bent Kydex brackets. Secured at shoulder height onto solid back with bolts through threaded wooden inserts. Slotted brackets ($178) allow width adjustment. Adjustable brackets ($246) are two-piece, allowing depth adjustment behind shoulder. Pads are 1/2 inch thick medium density foam and 1/2 inch birch plywood.

Pediatric & Adult Anterior Thoracic Vests

The Pediatric and Adult Anterior Thoracic Vests are shoulder supports designed to be fastened to solid back panels of seating systems. The vests are made of neoprene rubber with nylon terry cloth bonded to both sides. Straps with nylon side-release Fastex buckles are attached to the vest. OPTIONS: Extra cushioning available to slide over shoulder straps. DIMENSIONS: Adult size is 7 x 5 inches high; Pediatric size is 4 x 4 inches high. The neoprene is 1/8-inch thick. COLOR: Black.

Shoulder Harness

The Shoulder Harness is a padded shoulder support with 1 or 2 inch webbing designed to be mounted to lateral trunk support pads with cam buckles or H-style mounted to a seatbelt.

Shoulder Pommels (Model 6670)

The Shoulder Pommels, model 6670, are shoulder and neck supports designed for individuals who have a tendency to lean to one side. The pommels are constructed with a bottom channel so that the shoulder straps can be pulled through for attachment. The supports are made of vinyl coated foam with an outer reinforcement. DIMENSIONS: Single is 5 x 4.5 inches; the Double is 10 x 4.5 inches and curved to fit the shoulder. COLOR: Casa tan or black.

Shoulder Retraction Straps & Solid I Back Mount (Model 106-2000)

Shoulder restraint straps, 1 inch neoprene foam padded sleeve. Quick release side buckle. Multiple top mounting locations for proper contact angle over shoulder. Adjusts for different clothing. Mounted on solid I back. Sizes: small for 9 to 14 inches sitting height, medium for 14 to 20 inches sitting height, large for 20 to 28 inches sitting height.

Shoulder Retractors (Model Sr20)

Shoulder Retractors (model SR20) are malleable vinyl-coated pads on swingaway hardware designed to aid in trunk support of seated individuals. They will mount to aluminum pans or other rigid back panels.

Shoulder Stabilizers

The Shoulder Stabilizers are stainless steel shoulder supports designed for positioning and controlling the upper extremity shoulder girdle, and dealing with trunk flexion or rotation problems. The adjustable hardware (included) allows height, forward/backward, and lateral adjustment. The supports are padded with closed cell foam and upholstered with neoprene-backed nylon terry cloth. SIZE: Adult (model ASRA) and pediatric (model ASRP). COLOR: Black upholstery.

Shoulder Straps, Cinch Straps, Shoulder Supports

Pair of 2 inch velcro shoulder straps, to mount to front pads of swing away trunk support system or as replacement straps on a vest. Top of straps mount to solid back with D-rings or buckles. Can also be used for cinch strapping a basic seating insert to a wheelchair frame if specified when ordering. Shoulder supports consist of one pair of angled pads made with medium density foam over a Kydex form and attached to velcro shoulder straps. Smaller size available on request.

Sternal Support System

The Sternal Support System consists of sternal support pads, available in two sizes for children and two sizes for adults. They are made of self-skinning urethane foam. The small and medium sizes are a broad flat pad, the intermediate and large sizes is extended into an X configuration. The harness strap attaches four corners of the pads to the four corners of the back of the wheelchair. The strap kit is $13 to $8.75; the pads are $30.50. DIMENSIONS (WxH): The Child size is 6 x 3.781 inches; Sma

Upper Trunk Support System & Solid Back Mount (Model 106-3000)

Upper trunk restraint, shoulder retraction straps mounted at bottom to adjustable chest strap. 1 inch neoprene padded sleeve, quick release side buckles. Mounts to solid back. Sizes: small for 9 to 14 inches sitting height, medium for 14 to 20 inches sitting height, large for 20 to 28 inches sitting height.

Vest, H Style Vest, & Butterfly Style Vest

Vest has 4-inch velcro chest piece, 2-inch velcro shoulder straps, and D-rings or buckles for attaching to solid back and/or lateral trunk supports. H-style vest has 2-inch velcro hip strap, 2-inch velcro shoulder straps, 2-inch cross piece to keep straps from sliding off shoulders, and D-rings or buckles for attaching to solid back. Butterfly style vest had vinyl pad with medium density foam over a leather form with 2-inch velcro shoulder and hip straps and D-rings or buckles for attaching to s

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