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Seattle Berkeley Adapter

Foot adapter captures toe-out during dynamic alignment with the Berkeley jig, aiding in correct positioning of the ankle block.

Seattle Lightfoot Spacers

Spacers may be used during alignment of a limb using the Seattle Lightfoot in order to elevate the pylon for adjustment access. On completion of alignment, the spacer is removed and the pylon replaced with one lengthened by the heihgt of the spacer used. May also be used to adapt an existing exoskeletal limb to the Seattle Lightfoot for trial purposes prior to new fabrication using the Seattle Ankle Block.

Smart Pyramid & Compas

Smart Pyramid and Compas together form a computerized gait analysis and alignment tool designed for use by individuals with lower extremity amputation. The system consist of hardware with embedded sensors (Smart Pyramid) that is integrated into the leg prosthesis, with an attached adaptor that uses Bluetooth to communicate wirelessly with automatic gait analysis software (Compas) on a personal computer (PC) or personal digital assistant (PDA). The adaptor attaches to any socket using the Euro fo

Parent Category: Lower Extremity

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