Language Development Assessment Program

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The Brainchild is a handheld, electronic educational aid designed to offer the core benefits of computer instruction and evaluation. Its educational software on interchangeable cartridges includes assessment programs for grades 1 through 6, the Core Knowledge Sequence grade level curriculum and the Kaplan S.A.T. preparation. Dozens of other programs are being developed for basic skills, vocational education, G.E.D., English as a Second Language/bilingual, and special needs. The unit operates in

Functional Communication Profile - Revised (FCP-R)

The Functional Communication Profile - Revised (FCP-R) is a language development evaluation system designed for use for assessment of individuals with cognitive or communication disabilities or autism. This descriptive assessment tool can be used to evaluate communication skills in individuals with developmental and acquired delays, from pre-kindergarten children through adults, in any setting, regardless of form of communication (sign, non-verbal, or augmentative). There is no scoring system, b


LAMterm (Language Activity Monitor terminal program) is a communicator program designed for use by individuals with communication disabilities. This software facilitates the uploading of language activity monitor data from an AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) system to a personal computer (PC). SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Serial port. For computers with USB ports and no serial port, an adapter may be used.

Pal Assessment

The PAL (Picture Assisted Library) Assessment is a language development assessment program designed for use with children who have cognitive, communication or learning disabilities or autism. The program is a comprehensive, criterion-referenced test that allows a teacher to sequentially identify literacy milestones and behaviors. Using the PAL Assessment, teachers can assess receptive and expressive language skills, including identification and use of symbols, print awareness, emerging reading a

Phonological Awareness Test 2

The Phonological Awareness Test 2, is a language development assessment program designed for use by therapists to evaluate the language skills of individuals with cognitive or communication disabilities. This individually-administered standardized test is designed to diagnose deficits in phonological awareness and phoneme-grapheme correspondence, to determine which skills to address in a remediation program. Subtests assess a wide variety of tasks correlated with early reading and spelling achie

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