Low Clothes Bar for Closet

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Closet Adaptations

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To make an existing closet accessible to seniors and individuals with arthritis, balance disabilities, or mobility disabilities. This illustrated article, included in a chapter entitled "Bedroom & Getting Dressed," discusses various inexpensive modifications. Included are lowering the clothes rod, adding shelves at usable heights, storing items on the floor in baskets, and replacing the closet door with a curtain or lighter weight folding door. AUTHOR: Greenstein

Modifying A Clothes Closet.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Modifying a closet to make it accessible for someone in a wheelchair. Move the closet rod to about 3 1/2 feet above the floor, and install a shelf at 48 inches and no more than 16 inches deep. Includes drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Simply woodworking. TITLE: Home Improvement and Repair: Home Security REF: Book: Time Life Books, Alexandria, VA, p 130-131. PAGES (including cover):1 1979.

Suspend-A-Rod (Model 1057)

Suspend-A-Rod, model 1057, is a low bar for clothes closets designed to allow hotels, motels, and other facilities to comply with ADA regulations by lowering access by 12 inches. The unit is made from 18 gauge chrome tubular steel and two chromed steel suspension units to suspend the rod from the existing standard closet bar. Machine screws and nuts secure the bar. The ends of the rod are finished with black plastic caps. DIMENSIONS: The rod is 1 inch in diameter and 32 inches long; the suspensi

Swing Down Clothes Rack.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Hinged clothes rack provides full access to upper clothes rack for persons in wheelchair, or those of short stature. Closet is divided into two levels, with an accessible height lower rod. the upper rod is hinged by attachments to the walls. It swings down by grabbing a vertical bar which then becomes a standing support when the closet rod is in a horizontal position. This type of hardware is sold by companies specializing in closets and storage, and i

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