Prosthetic Terminal Device for Ski Pole

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All Terrain Ski Terminal Device: At Ski Td

The All Terrain Ski Terminal Device (AT-Ski-TD) is a prosthetic terminal device for skiing that fits standard prosthetic wrists and allows the user to perform the flexing motion necessary to pole during either cross-country or downhill skiing. This "flex-away" action and a quick disconnect pole are safety features designed to reduce or eliminate stress and shock to the skier if he or she should fall. COMPATIBILITY: .5-inch diameter threaded fitting fits standard prosthetic wrists. Accepts 3/16-i

Ski Hand/fishing Hand

The Ski Hand/Fishing Hand is a terminal device for sports made of molded silicone rubber that resembles a closed hand. The opening will hold a ski pole or a fishing pole. The rubber will remain pliable in sub-zero temperatures. DIMENSIONS: Standard 1/2-20 stud.

Parent Category: Snow and Ice

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