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Corn Pads

Corn Pads are protectors designed for use with individuals with toe and digital trauma, painful corns, calluses and blisters. It is designed to alleviate soreness associated with trauma such a hammertoe. These corn pads contain a medical grade mineral oil gel the covers the affected area. It is made out of soft, comfortable and stretchable fabric.

Digital Cap With Toe Spreader

Digital Cap with Toe Spreader is designed to relieve pressure and friction on the toes for multiple purposes. The Digital Cap is fully lined with SiliposĀ® medical grade mineral oil gel for all around digital protection. It can be used to aid in the relief of Functional Hallux Limitus when placed with the spreader on the bottom of the toe. This product is washable and reusable. Latex free and hypoallergenic.

Footcare Lambswool (6 Pack)

The Footcare Lambswool is a toe protector designed for use by individuals with diabetes or lower extremity disabilities. It cushions toes for relief from corns and shoe pressure and for diabetic foot care. This product is made of soft, washable, very fine Merino wool carded into a thick rope. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Approximately 4 x 50 centimeters. WEIGHT: Approximately 10 grams per packages.

Mesh Digital Caps And Pads

Mesh Digital Caps and Pads are finger and toe protectors designed for use with individuals with finger or toe amputation, scars, finger or toe ulcers, or sclerodema. The gel-lined mesh caps and pads provide both protection and compression. Digital Caps cover the entire finger and have gel throughout. The Digital Tip Caps cover the entire finger and have gel in the tip only. Digital Mini Caps are narrower than the Digital Caps and have a tighter weave with gel throughout. The Digital Pads cover t

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