Lapboard Elbow Rest

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Lap Pal With Nylex Cover (Models Msc019038, Msc019037, Msc019032, Msc019035, Msc019030, & Msc019036)

The Lap Pal with Nylex Cover is a lapboard designed for use as a wandering patient system for wheelchair users with Alzheimer's disease or cognitive disabilties. This safety cushion fits snugly across the user's lap and securely against the wheelchair's arms, helping to keep the user from sliding down or getting out of the chair unassisted. The cushion is made of durable, lightweight polyurethane foam covered with Nylex fabric, and provides a resting place for user's arms. The cushion is flame-r

Mydesc Arm - Standard And Removable Models

The MYDESC Arm is an add-on armrest wheelchair accessory designed to enhance the versatility of the MYDESC Custom Desktops (see separate entries) or to be used alone. This accessory allows the MYDESC units to be mounted on the side of armchairs and wheelchairs. This steel arm is padded with foam and available in two configurations: Standard and Removable. The MYDESC Standard Arm (model 347-S501) is designed to be a fixed accessory and attaches directly to wheelchairs and other furniture using st

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