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Exercise Glove

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: Provide a custom adaptation of an exercise glove for an individual with grasping difficulties due to right hemiplegic stroke. A special glove is created which uses Velcro to attach an open-fingered gym glove to the handlebar of exercise equipment. Velcro is sewed onto the palm of each glove, with a loose section at the end. When the individual uses the exercise machines, she sticks three adhesive Velcro dots to the handle and wraps her hand around them. The loose end

Holding Mitt (Models 5011, 5018, & 5128)

The Holding Mitt, model 5011, 5018, and 5128, is a hand mitt designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities or limited hand or finger dexterity. Designed for use in exercising, this mitt holds hand in a sustained grasping position to help increase muscle strength. The mitt is made of soft vinyl and can be used for either hand. SIZES: (Small): 9 inches, (Medium)10.75 inches, and (Large): 11 inches.

Padded Mitt (Model 306110)

The Padded Mitt, model 306110, is a hand mitt designed to prevent individuals with cognitive or emotional disabilities from scratching, hitting, or otherwise injuring themselves. These lightweight padded mitts have Cooline mesh covers, easy closure, and may be used with or without the included with arm restraint straps. SIZES: One size. DIMENSIONS: .75 inch thick.

Parent Category: Upper Extremity

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