Trunk Mounted Wheelchair Alternative Loader

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Ameriglide Mini Universal Lift 200

The Mini Universal Lift 200 is a trunk mounted scooter or wheelchair loader designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This inside lift can be used for transporting micro or travel size power chairs or scooters. It can be installed in the vehicle's trunk or cargo area. It rotates manually and can be disassembled for storage when not in use. POWER: An optional battery pack is available. OPTIONS: Wireless remote and docking device (Shoprider, Pride, or others). DIMENSIONS: 37 inc

Curb-Sider (Model Vsl-6000)

The Curb-Sider, model VSL-6000, is a trunk-mounted wheelchair alternative loader for persons with physical disabilities needing to transport power wheelchairs or scooters. This fully-powered lift fits most types of vehicle, including minivans, SUVs, CUVs, pickup trucks, and full-size vans. It is available for either the passenger or driver side, and its offset arm can pick up wheelchairs or scooters from the rear of the vehicle, from the rear corner, or from the side of the vehicle (near the rea

Hercules (Models 2000 & 3000)

Hercules, model 2000 and 3000 is a trunk mounted scooter loader or van lift designed to lift scooters into vans or car trunks. These lifts feature an aluminized bronze sprocket that is non-corrosive and stronger than most steel. The sprocket assembly creates a four-to-one gear ratio for increased lifting capacity and the assembly is supported by a haf-inch steel shaft and needle bearing. The gearbox location allows greater height clearance and a low center of gravity provides ease in handling. T

Liftami Iii

Lift arm loads scooters into automobile trunks, vans, station wagons and hatchbacks. Vehicle installation involves bolting heavy duty base plate inside vehicle, and adjusting boom length and height to individual needs. The unit can be wired directly to auto battery or to scooter battery. Lifting is accomplished by an electric 12 volt screw actuator. Optional "C-Bar" lift arm allows scooters to be loaded without disassembly into mini vans, sport trucks or pickups. By removing seat and tiller, sco

Space Saver Take-Apart Scooter Lift (Model Asl-325)

The Space-Saver Take-Apart Scooter Lift, model ASL-325, is a trunk mounted wheelchair alternative loader for persons with mobility disabilities using scooters. The lift raises and stores scooters in cars with limited trunk space. It is height and length adjustable to fit any trunk size, and can lift scooters weighing up to 200 pounds. The Space-Saver is easily assembled and disassembled in three simple steps, with the heaviest part weighing just 13.5 pounds.


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