Inflatable Back Cushion

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Back Vitalizer

The Back Vitalizer is an inflatable back support cushion designed for use by individuals with lower back pain or individuals who sit for long periods. This back support device produces a gentle and on-going stimulating motion. By controlling the level of inflation, the user can control the level of exercise or support. Its aero-dynamic structure is adjustable to suit individual needs. The device helps to relieve and prevent stiffness, fatigue and pain in the lower back, shoulder and neck. It als

Bye-Bye Decubiti Back Cushion

The Bye-Bye Decubiti Back Cushions are inflatable air flotation pads designed to provide therapeutic support and pressure absorption to the back in cars or wheelchairs. The cushions are made of natural rubber covered with fabric or fleece, and have elastic straps with velcro to hold the pads in the desired position. The cushions may be inflated by mouth or hand pump to any fullness desired. DIMENSIONS: 7 x 20 inches for car, 8 x 15 inches for wheelchair. WEIGHT: 1 pound.

Lumbar And Sacral Support Dry Floatation Cushion

Neoprene rubber lumbar support cushion in two styles: standard design is 15 inches by 6 1/4 inches with 4 inch air cells; contour design is 15 inches by 6 1/4 inches with varying cell heights from 1 to 4 inches in height, made to fit specifications of user. May be used vertically or horizontally, and attach to chair with velcro strap. Weighs approximately 1 1/4 pounds. Sacral support cushion is custom designed to user's specifications, with cells varying from 1 to 4 inches in height. Easily atta

Medic-Air Back-Pillo

The Medic-Air Back-Pillo is an inflatable back cushion designed to provide back pain relief and long term sitting comfort for persons experiencing arthritis or back troubles. Engineered to support the curve of the lower back, this air-cushioned support adjusts to the user's needs with just a few puffs of air. It is designed with elastic straps that allows the user to fasten the pillow to the back of most chairs at the desired position. It also features three interconecting air chambers intended

Obus Forme Customair Back Cushion

The Obus Forme Custom Air Back Cushion is an inflatable back cushion designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or back pain. Inflation and deflation valves are built into the cushion; air pump and release buttons enable the user to control the amount of support provided by the cushion. An attached elastic strap secures this cushion to any chair or seat. DIMENSIONS: 19.5 x 12.75 x 1.5 inches. COLOR: Black.

Roho Pack It

Lightweight neoprene rubber air cushion made of Mini Max cells, which are 1 1/4 inch high flexible air cells. Standard size is 16 inches by 9 1/2 inches, but can be customized to fit any size requirements. Encased in removeable two way stretch cover with elastic strap. Weighs approximately 1 1/4 pounds. 18 month warranty. Can be used for scapular, sacral, lumbar support, in shower or bathtub, automobile, airplane. Designed for lightweight travel use.

Varilite Backrest & Varilite Split Backrest

The Varilite BackRest and Split BackRest are inflatable back support cushions designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury, and others who need back support. The cushions offer lower lumbar support and promote spinal extension during wheelchair use, extended car rides, air travel, and in office chairs. Support encourages upright sitting posture and decrease muscle fatigue. Cushions have a mesh cover with reticulated foam that wicks moisture away from the skin. A

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