Toothbrush with Extended Handle

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Extended Handle Toothbrush.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Two methods for extending the handle of a toothbrush for those with limited finger dexterity. Describes two toothbrush adaptations: 1) A toothbrush is slipped 3/4 of an inch into the desired length of metal tubing which is struck with a hammer to flatten it against the brush handle; the tubing can be bent and wrapped with rubber tape if desired. 2) To add a wider grip, the end of the tubing is glued into a hole drilled into a wooden dowel of the prefer

Nuk Toothbrush Set (Model Nk-200)

The NUK Toothbrush Set, model NK-200, is a set of two toothbrushes with extended handles and a toothbrush with a rubber head designed for use by children with upper extremity disabilities. The three-brush set follows the child's growth beginning with teething and includes a NUK Massager (also sold separately) with a flexible rubber, nubby head; a NUK Stimulating brush for the first teeth; and a NUK Soft Nylon Bristle Brush (model NUK-150, set of one of each, $6.50). All brushes have extended han

Toothbrush Grips

The Toothbrush Grips are designed to enable users with poor hand strength and dexterity to hold a toothbrush. These custom modifications include a built-up handle made of foam to increase the grip diameter and area, and two protruding arms that allow the brush to be supported by the forearm and reinforced by the thumb. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: The grips were designed by Paul Cermak for users with little hand control and dexterity that have difficulty with tasks such as brushing their teeth.

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