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Able Generation Play Table

The Able Generation Play Table is a cut out table designed for use by children with physical disabilities. This wooden table enables the child to be surrounded on three sides, stabilizing the arms and aiding in focusing the attention. The table tilts to five, 15, or 25 degrees. A lip on the inside and outside edges minimizes the possibility of small items, books, and papers sliding off the table when the top is tilted. This table may also be used during floor sitting or supported standing. OPTIO

Adjustable Chair And Table

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a small child with neurological disabilities to have a stable play area. Made of white pine plywood and coated in clear polyurethane, the table is height adjustable and has a torso cutout, enabling the child to move closer to the table and support himself/herself with his/her elbows while performing tasks with the hands. The chair is also made of white pine plywood coated with clear polyurethane and features a backrest, seat to floor height adjustability, an

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