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10-Inch Siderail Bags (Model 70400)

The 10-inch Siderail Bags, model 70400, are bed pouches designed to provide a small storage area for reading glasses, paperback books, a TV remote control unit, refreshment bottles, telephone, etc. They may also be used as bedside litter caddies. The opening is made of a spring hex frame which requires very little manual dexterity or strength to operate. Opening the bag is achieved by placing the fingers in the middle of the frame and popping it outward; by pushing on the outside of the frame, t

Bed Rail Organizer

The Bed Rail Organizer is a bed pouch designed to provide storage and access to personal items for people who spend extended periods in bed. This lightweight plexiglas organizer stores remote controls, magazines, glasses, cordless phones, and more and hangs over the bed rail and secures with a small clamp to prevent slipping when the bed is raised or lowered.

Mobility Clutch And Pouch

The Mobility Clutch and Pouch is a carrying bag that can be attached to canes, crutches or walkers, a wheelchair side pouch, or a bed pouch. This pouch carries items such as keys, money, and medications and attaches with Velcro to mobility aids and bed rails. This clutch has a removable carrying strap and an outside pocket for glasses or a cell phone. COLOR: Black, red, or pink.

Universal Carry All

The Universal Carry All is a carrying bag for walkers designed to provide carrying capability for people with mobility disabilities. This heavy-duty nylon pouch secures to walker crossbars, wheelchairs, and bed rails and features one large compartment, a security pocket and eyeglass pouch, and a keypouch with cord. DIMENSIONS (WxL): 18.75 x 11 inches.

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