Gel Flotation Mattress Surface

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Anti Decubitus Mattress Pad With Anchoring Hitch.

The Anti Decubitus Mattress Pad with Anchoring Hitch is a polymer floation mattress surface. The pad has an attachment system that allows it to be secured in its position on the bed. The hitch attaches to the bedframe at the head with Velcro straps, and stays attached to bed. The pad also has a Velcro backing that attaches to the hitch that can be removed for cleaning, etc. The mattress pad is filled with AKTON, a dry viscoelastic polymer, to help reduce the incidence of pressure sores.

Pincare Gel Overlay For Hospital Beds

The PinCare Gel Mattress Overlay for Hospital Beds is a gel flotation mattress surface designed for individuals with back pain and those who are at risk for pressure ulcers. This overlay combines the softness of foam with the effectiveness of gel in distributing weight and pressure over a larger area. The mattress consists of the PinCare Pad, a soft foam overlay of small finger-like projections; a gel-foam core; and a layer of polyurethane foam. This overlay is covered in a Staph-Chek Fusion Fab

Premium Guard 3-Inch Gel / Foam Overlay (Model 14893)

The Premium Guard 3-inch Gel/Foam Overlay, model 14893, is a gel and foam mattress overlay designed for use by individuals at risk for developing decubitis ulcers/pressure sores. This overlay has four gel bladders, a high-density foam shell and support base, a convoluted high- density polyurethane foam topper, and a urethane-coated nylon cover, designated head and foot sections, and elastic corner straps to secure the overlay to the mattress. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 3 x 72 x 34 inches. WARRANTY: One

Stop Leak Gel Flotation Mattress

The Stop Leak Gel Flotation Mattress is a mattress surface overlay designed to reduce the risk of decubitus ulcers. The pad features five internal partitions to eliminate motion and increase stability. The mattress is made of vinyl and nylon material developed to prevent punctures from becoming large holes. A powdered gel concentrate and water are put in the mattress and mixed to form the gel. If mattress does puncture the gel beads up to prevent leakage.

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