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5 Position Bariatric Expanda-Bed

The 5 Position Bariatric Expanda-Bed is a motorized bed designed for use by individuals with obesity and severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This bed features head and foot elevation, Trendelenberg position, seat up and down, and adjustable bed height. It has single button controls for cardiac chair position, return to supine, and Trendelenberg operation. Trendelenberg operation may be used without having the bed either fully up or fully down. The bed has Steer-Lock casters, and

Robotic Bed

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Panasonic has created a prototype robotic bed which transforms into a wheelchair allowing the elderly or individuals with disabilities to get up without assistance. The user remains in the bed while the bed turns into a wheelchair. The conversion to a wheelchair involves half of the mattress rising and half lowering while a motorized unit beneath it automatically slides out from the bed. While in chair mode, the robot can detect people and obstacles and assist u

Vivax Mobility System

The Vivax Mobility System is a motorized transfer bed designed to safely and automatically move persons with mobility disabilities from a specialized bed to a specialized wheelchair that is attached to the end of the bed. The procedure can be accomplished by the user or an attendant with a push of a button from a hand-held pendant controller. The procedure begins with the user lying in a supine position on the bed; then, with a push of a button, the integrated conveyor system transfers the user

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