Seat Belt Lock

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Buckle Boss

The Buckle Boss is a seat belt lock designed to prevent children with emotional and cognitive disabilities from releasing the seat belt while the car is in motion. Designed specifically to work with seat belts with an upright configuration and a red push-button release, this slotted cover fits over the button and belt receiver slot. The seat belt is inserted into the side slot of the Buckle Boss over the seat belt receptacle and locked in as it normally would be. The Buckle Boss prevents the rel

Wheelchair Seat Belt Lock Cover

"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To prevent children and adults with cognitive disabilities who use wheelchairs from unlocking a wheelchair seat belt. To make this cover, lay the material on flat surface with back facing up. Using straight pins, pin the edges together lengthwise along the material. With a sewing machine or needle, stitch along the pinned edge line lengthwise. Turn material right side out and slip onto one end of wheelchair seat belt. Fasten the belt and slide material over

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