Leg Immobilizer

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Advantage Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer

The Advantage Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer is designed to keep users knees from moving after surgery, a mild to severe knee injury such as collateral ligament sprains, patellar dislocations, or osteochondral fractures. Your knee has several moving parts, including cartilage, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Each one helps the knees do its job. The Advantage Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer has a three piece design to ensure a precise and comfortable fit. This immobilizer has lightweight rigid pos

Deluxe Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer

The Deluxe Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer is a knee orthosis designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities. Made with a foam body with durable canvas panels, this knee brace features a T-bar stay to for strength, contoured posterior stays for correct anatomical fit, adjustable medial and lateral panels for universal sizing, and a patella strap to assist with application. SIZES: Universal size fits thigh circumference 12 to 24 inches. DIMENSIONS: 12, 14, 16, 19, 22, or 24 inches l

Pedi-Wraps Leg Immobilizers

Pedi-Wraps Leg Immobilizers are soft leg immobilizers designed to prevent children from removing IV lines, bending their legs, or reaching surgical or injured sites. Made of soft, padded material, the wraps are available with or without straps which provide added support and adjustment. SIZES: The model without straps is available in small, medium, or large. DIMENSIONS: The model with straps is available in a choice of 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, or 17 inches long. COLOR: Available in a variety of childre

Sam Splint

The SAM Splint is a multi-purpose splint designed to immobilize arms, legs, fingers, or thumbs. Available in sizes to accommodate adults and children, this splint, also known as the Pocket Cast, can be used to immobilize any area of the body (including the neck) except the femur. Lightweight and waterproof, this splint can be folded or rolled and is invisible on x-rays. The 36-inch SAM is a universal splint that can be cut or folded to accommodate any need. The 18-inch SAM, also known as the SA


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